CAPITULO I is a port of arrival and departure at the same time. This book is the logbook of an intense, complex and exciting work process. The route of a journey through the forms in endless progress, modeled with effort, plowed and built from the origin. Perhaps that's where the authentic "originality" comes from.
With CAPITULO I, like within a novel, the characters are shown to us as the stories and personalities are constructed, bringing us closer to the original concept of identity. Our image identifies us, both revealing and hiding ourselves in equal parts. It encompasses us in a certain group, it aligns us as belonging to a certain society or culture and at the same time it makes us feel unique as individuals.
Therefore, each individual creates their own character that makes them feel unrepeatable and at the same time adopts the tropes of the group they would like to belong to. We build uniforms that identify us with our own personalities or with the ideals of what we would like to be.


Clara Giaminardi


Ola Ebiti


Emily Porter


Vivienne H Lake


Kamil Szajder

Ciaran Moore

Gustav Hagild

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