TÍSCAR ESPADAS studio is a brand that creates clothes as a connecting axis of a much broader and diverse aesthetic language where the collaboration with other media, artists, disciplines, and artisans gets combined to compose a full universe. Raw Spanish authenticity, the craftsman’s eye for detail, and freedom to wear is rippling through every look, characterizing TÍSCAR ESPADAS designs. The garments are made from a combination of exploration and technical construction. Incorporating the delicacy of details, care for materials and what is accidentally found along the way of making. Each garment is unique and handcrafted by local manufacturers, enhancing signs of the complex process and craftsmanship.

Following her time at different fashion houses in Madrid and the Henrik Vibskov workshop in Copenhagen - graduating from The Royal College of Art, awarded with the Burberry Scholarship – namesake Tíscar Espadas founded the brand in 2019 in London.

The first collection CAPÍTULO I was selected as a finalist in the BIG Design Award – Tokyo. It is a port of arrival and departure at the same time. As in a novel, characters are revealed and drawn out more precisely – reflecting on ourselves and our own identity.

The forced distance during the shaping of CAPÍTULO II offered us a fantastic and poetic imaginary. Transforming into a sensory and evocative narrative that comforts. Shown in 2020 digitally at Tokyo Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

The connection between the imaginary and the real is materialized in CAPÍTULO III while the gods are appearing in the portal, we are meanwhile tied closer to reality. Paradoxes and symbols in a beautiful dance. Introduced at Milan Fashion Week 2021.

CAPÍTULO ABIERTO presented 2022 at 080 Barcelona Fashion. It was simultaneously the entanglement and interweaving of all previous chapters into one story.
The boundaries between dreams and reality, the playful relationship and merging of these two concepts are what drives the narrative of CAPÍTULO IV. Presented in a digital maner inside Milan Fashion Week 2021 calendar and by an independent appearance during Paris Fashion Week. The collection was also shown during Madrid Fashion Week with an in-person event show at the brands studio, embracing the workspace as a venue to share the ideas that have been developed there.
CAPÍTULO IV ACT I acts as a further development of the previous collection, enlarging the ideas already acquired – shown in 2022 at Barcelona 080 runway. 
In February 2023 during Madrid Fashion Week,  the brand was awared with the Allianz Ego Confidence In Fashion Award.
CAPÍTULO V, the brand’s latest collection was presented at Madrid Fashion Week runway. CAPÍTULO V reflects upon the journey and steps a traveler has taken to reach where they have – collecting landscapes, memories and the people that have created them. This desire to collect sparks the desire for collaboration which takes form in ceramic ornaments, shoes and knitwear, expanding upon the TÍSCAR ESPADAS imaginary with the help from creatives all over the artistic branches.
The creative team currently works in between their atelier and shop in Madrid, London, and Berne.
A-ARM Hyogo, (Hyogo) (Japan)
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MATHEMATICS Kanagawa, (Kanagawa) (Japan)
N ID Tokyo, (Tokyo) (Japan)
O Tokyo, (Tokyo) (Japan)
PALETTE Osaka, (Osaka) (Japan)
PAPON Fukuoka, (Fukuoka) (Japan)
SKOOL Tokyo, (Tokyo) (Japan)
SOON Matsuyama, (Matsuyama) (Japan)
VASE Tokyo, (Tokyo) (Japan)
reata Fukuoka, (Fukuoka) (Japan)
luca Kobe, (Kobe) (Japan)
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