The collection CAPÍTULO II, had been created in unstable times with a pandemic but offering us a fantastic and poetic imaginary, a sensory and evocative narrative that comforts, transforms and try to make us freer and even more creative.
CAPÍTULO II is full of new forms and imagination. It had been made focusing on the details and taste for artisan and meticulous work, the technical boasts and resignations, volumes that allow ourselves to deconstruct as individuals for getting closer to our own character.


Clara Giaminardi


Ola Ebiti


Emily Porter
Shoes Aldanondoyfdez


Vivienne H Lake


Kamil Sznajder

Hugo Kaszycki

Nick Oliveira

Tíscar Espadas__1
Tíscar Espadas__2
Tíscar Espadas__3
Tíscar Espadas__4
Tíscar Espadas__5
Tíscar Espadas__6
Tíscar Espadas__7
Tíscar Espadas__8
Tíscar Espadas__9
Tíscar Espadas__10
Tíscar Espadas__11
Tíscar Espadas__12
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Tíscar Espadas__15
Tíscar Espadas__16
Tíscar Espadas__17
Tíscar Espadas__18
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Tíscar Espadas__24
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