The metaphors in CAPÍTULO III were inspired by the renaissance entrances located in Úbeda, Tíscar’s hometown in southern Spain. Yet, this is not an architectural reference but rather a symbolic one: The Gods appearing in the portal, despite being considered mythological and unreal figures, speak of universal themes that still survive in today’s world. The 21st Century’s man still relies on the imaginary.
The connection between the imaginary and the real is materialised in the design, and can be seen through details such as leather belts. In the same way a belt ties clothes to the body, it ties the wearer closer to reality. A paradox, considering that straps in CAPÍTULO III are opening our imagination. Straps, ropes, belts are embedded into jackets, shirts, jeans and pockets, with the aim that each person, playing precisely with their intention, can shape the garment as desired.


Adriana Roslin

Photography Assistant

Luis Rubiera

Makeup & Hair

Chiharu Wakabayashi


Kamil Sznajder

Vince Holden

Sonny Charlton

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