Horizontal lines- over the top of some terms
 expressions, benchark    - off shite    transit
CAPÍTULO IV, the act (unkown)
the process of     into a porous     -transit
stockwell road                       corner point – turning
pass and repeat             needle and thread  -reverie
pleasant thought while     -you see the peasant work
fingertips touching golden ears
golden hours   .          poplar trees, waving leaves            
visionary scheme, wild conceit, idle fancy -leaving
arrival halls -        hand on hand
holding holding holding
celestial bodies – shadows across the disk of a larger body –               
transits of venus are rare
venues                     seven   
bodies – moving, proceeding, shaping smoothly – graceful  
just as water, tears (...)
CAPÍTULO IV -  be my torch,                        moon
my geometric postulate                      -            peace
let us dream, let us dream, let us dream
together together    


Dani de Jorge

Creative Direction

Kevin Kohler

Makeup & Hair

Brais Garcia


Kamil Sznajder

Saga Charlotte

Hugo Kaszycki

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